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North Florida Civil Litigator Protects the Rights of Clients

Tallahassee Law Firm Handles a Complete Range of Civil Cases

If you’re engaged in a legal dispute, a diligent advocate can maximize your ability to win a successful result. Jeff Albert now practices throughout Florida out of his Tallahassee office. He has more than three decades of experience serving clients in all types of civil litigation. I represent Florida individuals and businesses in a complete range of civil matters and other business litigation matters. My firm delivers top-flight advice and advocacy whether you need assistance with a small claims matter or against a large corporation. In any legal case, you usually have only one chance to assert your rights in court. My firm can help you make the most of that opportunity.


Contract disputes demand an attorney who combines comprehensive legal knowledge and a strict attention to detail. I represent Florida clients who have been victimized by contract breaches as well as those accused of violating the terms of an agreement. My firm can assist with all types of contract litigation, including matters concerning:

  • Commercial agreements

  • Property transactions

  • Insurance policies

  • Construction and contractor work

Clients can count on me to provide the highest level of legal representation at an affordable rate, beginning with a free initial consultation to assess your case.


My firm advises plaintiffs and carriers about the application of insurance policies to auto accident, property damage and other types of claims. I examine the relevant policy language and explain how it relates to the facts of the case and applicable laws. Even small distinctions can have serious consequences; I can increase your likelihood of litigation success by understanding such distinctions and delivering a strong argument on your behalf.


When consumers allege that they have been victimized by manufacturers or merchants, the stakes can be high. I provide individual and business clients with detailed advice on issues relating to the lemon law, fraud, and other consumer matters. My understanding of federal and state laws enables you to make confident decisions on how to proceed, whether we handle your case in court or through negotiation. Even when multiple parties and claims are involved, I can clarify the key issues and guide you toward a favorable outcome.

Contact a Florida civil litigator for a free initial consultation

The Law Offices of Jeff Albert, P.A. represents Florida clients in a wide range of civil litigation matters including cases involving personal injury and breach of contract claims. Please call (850) 903-4464 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my office in Tallahassee.

Business Disputes

I have represented different business entities throughout Florida ranging from lemon law cases against manufacturers from Mercedes-Benz to Kia, pre-suit mediation of former business partners through complex commercial litigation. No matter the issue big or small, nor whether the business has a single or dozens of employees, each case gets my personal attention.

Landlord Tenant

I have represented both landlords and tenants in lease disputes for various violations of Florida Statutes, including but not limited to eviction of hold over tenants, squatters, or failure to pay rent. I have also defended tenants in evictions, breach of contract actions, as well as mold violations and demands to cure untenable conditions. These matters are usually time sensitive and I highly recommend obtaining counsel as early as possible for any landlord tenant disputes.

Homeowners Association contract

Homeowner/Condo Association Disputes

I often become involved on behalf of homeowners upon a client receiving a notice of an alleged violation of the rules of a community or an alleged delinquency in maintenance or dues which are caused by accounting errors of management companies. As with landlord tenant matters, HOA and Condo disputes are time sensitive matters and the sooner counsel from an attorney can be obtained the better. Whenever possible, an amicable solution with your neighbors is the first desired outcome, however, if unobtainable, I zealous and knowledgeable advocate can be all the difference in your case.

Traffic Citations

Whether it is a child of a client who is accused of not stopping at a stop sign or a client going a little too fast on I-10, I am always glad to assist with traffic citations of any type not only here in Leon County, but also in the surrounding areas as well.

North Florida Civil Litigation Attorney With More Than Three Decades Of Experience

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