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Hard-Working. Practical. Responsive.

North Florida Civil Litigation Attorney with More than Three Decades of Experience

Knowledgeable Attorney Handles Florida Civil Litigation and Transactional Matters

JeffMyAttorney HeadshotJeff Albert was born in Manhattan, NY, however, his family moved to Coral Springs, Florida when he was young and remained there through high school. Jeff attended Florida State University and received his Bachelor of Science degree in the spring of 1989. He immediately followed college with law school and received his Juris Doctorate from St. Thomas University, School of Law in 1992. During law school, Jeff placed first in Moot Court Competition and also studied abroad at Oxford University just outside of London, England.

After graduating from law school, Jeff began his career as an attorney with the Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance in the legal department handling uninsured and underinsured individuals and businesses with obtaining low interest loans and disbursements of the loans following Hurricane Andrew impacting South Florida. Jeff excelled with the Small Business Administration and was offered a permanent position in the main office which was located in Atlanta, Georgia. After a few years, Jeff returned to South Florida and began working with an insurance defense litigation firm in Miami, Florida. Jeff again quickly excelled up the ranks of the law office and was asked to move to Orlando, Florida to open and run the first satellite office for the law firm, which he did for a couple of years.

Jeff then established his own law firm in Orlando and within a year, he partnered with two (2) other attorneys to form the law firm of McKeever, Albert & Barth, where he handled litigation matters for approximately fifteen (15) years.

Jeff returned to South Florida and established the Law Offices of Jeff Albert, P.A. in Coral Springs, Florida in April of 2016. In 2020, he opened up a second office for the Law Offices of Jeff Albert, P.A. in Tallahassee, Florida, which immediately was a success. Therefore, in 2021 he moved to Tallahassee with his family and transitioned his law practice from the two (2) offices to solely the Tallahassee, Florida, location handling matters throughout the panhandle of Florida.

Key practice areas

Civil Litigation

If you’re engaged in a legal dispute, a diligent advocate can maximize your ability to win a successful result. At the Law Offices of Jeff Albert, P.A., I have three decades of experience serving clients in all types of civil litigation, both as an attorney for Plaintiffs as well as Defendants. I represent individuals and businesses throughout Florida in a complete range of civil matters, including complicated lawsuits related to business and contract disputes, landlord and tenant matters, homeowners and condominium disputes, among many others. My firm delivers top-flight advice and advocacy whether you are a Plaintiff or Defendant. In any legal case, you usually have only one chance to assert your rights in court. My firm can help you make the most of that opportunity.

Contract disputes demand an attorney who combines comprehensive legal knowledge and a strict attention to detail. I represent Florida clients who have been victimized by contract breaches as well as those accused of violating the terms of an agreement. My firm can assist with all types of contract litigation, no matter the issue.

Clients can count on me to provide the highest level of legal representation at an affordable rate, beginning with a free initial consultation to assess your case. Even small distinctions can have serious consequences; I can increase your likelihood of litigation success by understanding such distinctions and delivering a strong argument on your behalf.


I often draft living wills, health care surrogates, powers of attorney as well as last wills and testaments for my client’s to help prepare your family for the future.

A will is essential at every stage of your life, providing you with the opportunity to distribute your property, establish care for your minor children and otherwise express your wishes for what will happen with your property upon your death. A will is necessary if you intend to leave property to someone who is not your blood relative, e.g., a domestic partner, a friend or a charity. If you die without a will, the court determines how your property is distributed, who cares for your children and even what happens to your beloved pet — and the decisions the court makes might not reflect your desires. I can draft a valid will that accurately conveys your intentions so your final wishes will be honored.

Wills are not difficult to execute, but simple mistakes can render them invalid in whole or in part. That is why all documents I draft always include execution at my office for no charge. An error in the execution of your will can cause confusion in the court and rancor among your heirs. To make sure that your wishes can be carried out, I will draft a valid will that can withstand challenges of almost any type.

As your life unfolds, your circumstances may change and your concerns may shift. To remain current, you should review and update your will every three to five years. I review your will in light of your current finances, marital status and family situation.

Your will allows you to make contingency plans for the care of your minor children. This is especially crucial if you are a single parent, but married couples must also consider the remote possibility of death in a common accident. If you have not named a guardian for your children, the court appoints one, who may make decisions contrary to your wishes. In your will, you can also make arrangements for the care of your pets, naming a guardian to take responsibility for them.

Drafting an effective will is more involved than drafting a valid will. I work closely with you to identify your legacy goals and advise you on the best means to achieve them. Sometimes, this means conveying assets via a will and setting up a Revocable Trust, which I do as well. Finally, I draft many other documents such as a Durable Power of Attorney, a Living Will (DNR) health care surrogate and other documents.

Real Estate

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Crime Law

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Corporate and
Finance Law

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Family & Child
Law service

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Persistent Attorney Pursues Satisfactory Results in Civil Litigation Matters

Since being admitted to the Florida Bar over three decades ago, I have earned strong recommendations from clients and peers alike who can attest to the benefits of working with my firm, including:


Skilled representation

For any type of legal issue, I give clients knowledgeable advice and create detailed strategies. From there, I take every available legal step to carry out a plan tailored to your situation.

Man at laptop

Responsive service

I handle each case personally and provide the individualized attention that you deserve. Throughout your case, your questions will be answered promptly and thoroughly, almost always the same day or next day.

Affordable fees

Keeping attorneys’ fees under control is a key priority for every client. My firm delivers cost-effective representation to put you in the best position going forward. I offer a free initial consultation so you can get the information you need before committing to a course of legal action. I have flexible payment methods and offer flat rates when appropriate.

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Why Choose Us?

Accomplished Legal Advisor Assists with most lawsuits, wills and trusts, as well as representation of real estate buyers and sellers.

My firm represents clients in numerous legal practice areas, including:

  • Civil litigation — For any type of civil litigation I am a strong advocate who obtains optimal results for both plaintiffs and defendants.

  • Wills and Trusts — My firm develops customized estate planning solutions to help people preserve and transfer their assets.

  • Real Estate — In commercial litigation defense, my firm is able to handle complex lawsuits and help businesses protect their interests.

No matter how difficult your case might seem, I am committed to making a positive difference for you.

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North Florida Civil Litigation Attorney With More Than Three Decades Of Experience

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